We provide business consulting services for Office 365 (O365) and SharePoint in Belgium and are based near Leuven at about 40 km from Brussels.

Achieving the benefits using SharePoint or O365 requires a vision, a sound project approach and plan, a sustained supporting organization and a continuous improvement cycle. The typical benefits for O365 or SharePoint are productivity improvement, provide more service or information in a easy way or improve retention of employees or partners.

The key factor in getting a successful O365 or SharePoint projects is “User Adoption and Engagement”, getting your employees (or external visitors) actually use O365/SharePoint in their daily work, resulting in more productivity, more quality or better retention, …

​We help you to implement O365/SharePoint successfully. The area’s of our expertise are:

  • Vision & Roadmap study. O365 and SharePoint are tools that provide the new desktop of the future, the digital workspace. They enable you to work better together, provide web communication facilities and help you to become a “networked organisation”, where social driven collaboration is the way forward. To enable such a business transformation, a clear and complete business and ICT vision for O365/SharePoint is mandatory.
  • Change Management by User Adoption, User Engagement and Productivity. What is in it for me? Do I get the work done better than before? … The typical questions users ask. The User Adoption approach needs to provide a continuous support for your users, fast, adequate and professional. We help you to set-up such an approach, including training, coaching, embedding, communication…
  • Governance: Both ICT and business governance aspects need to be clearly defined, communicated and integrated in the training, coaching and on boarding.
  • Project Management. Far to often, SharePoint is implemented from a technical and infrastructure point of view. But the failure of those projects have proven that only a business driven approach can lead to success.
  • Smart Sourcing. Finding the right project resources is a challenge in this highly demanded market. And in addition the profiles you need vary during the execution of your project. Technical resources, analyst, trainers, leaders, etc… And last but not least, the technology on O365 is evolving continuously and this may cause difficulties in finding the right person. We can help you here.